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CR Touch upgrade for X2 & Gpro. Complete bolt on ABL Kit

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Product Details
New McCulloch mount giving a true bolt on kit using the original holes and bolts.
No firmware changes necessary.

This is a replacement for the Original Artillery ABL sensor. By many accounts it is much more durable and probe accuracy is exceptional.

It uses a different system for raising the probe than the BL Touch, it uses an optical sensor which is possibly less susceptible to outside interference.

The Cr Touch also has a metal alloy pin, which retracts cleanly into the main body, reducing the chance of the pin being damaged. Suitable for a wide range of bed materials.

No changes are required to printer firmware,

Due to the new Mc Culloch touch mount from Ethereal project 3d this kit is a simple bolt on replacement.

Our ABL kit includes the following;

1 x CR Touch with correct cable for Artillery PCB. ***

1 x 3d printed X2-GPRO mount (NEW STYLE)*

1 x Set M3 mounting bolts for CR Touch.

1 x 3d printed ribbon cable clamp **

*Any and all 3d printed parts are considered free of charge, and hold no monetary value.

** Please be aware that due to getting the touch sensor as close to the nozzle as possible you can no longer use the Blue decorative cover, we supply a 3d printed ribbon clamp.

*** The connector cable has copper braid cover to help shield Electrical interference from the motor wires etc. ENSURE IT IS AWAY from the PCB solder connectors. To prevent shorts.


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