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Extruder & hotend kit. 24 piece.

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Product Details

24 piece Extruder & hotend kit.

Everything on the extruder and hotend (no fans).

These kits have the newer aero style alloy heatbreak plates (smooth kraken style) for better cooling compared to the separate heatsink style.

1* extruder base

1* aero style alloy plate. Includes 2 heatbreak retainer grub screws

1* thumb adjuster, nut & spring

1* small pom gear

1* large Pom gear & drive shaft

2* bearings for large gear

3* long retainer screws

1* short retainer screw

1* titan idler lever & bearing

1* titan filament guide

1* smooth heatbreak (standard)

1* heat block

1* thermistor

1* heater cartridge

1* 0.4 brass nozzle

No motor or motor carrier plate. Only parts listed.

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